Fast Tourism Facts you need to know before visiting Cancun

Cancun is a coastal destination located on the Yucatán Peninsula. At the shores of Cancun, the crystal blue water blends with the white sand. This city is the gateway to the Caribbean and the Mayan World. The beaches and architectural sites here have attracted tourists for years. It is the hospitality of Cancun combined with its turquoise waters and diverse cuisine that gives its visitors the feelings of paradise.

Some Medical Tourism Facts


  • It serves as an ideal choice for dental and other medical procedure seeking tourists
  • Costs of medical treatments and drugs is almost half in Cancun, when compared to Canada and USA
  • Low travel expenses allow the patients to travel back and forth more frequently
  • Every year, an estimate of 8,000 to 10,000 medical tourists enter the city


Other Fast Facts for Tourists

·      History of the Area

The estimated population of the city was around 1,000 residents about 5 decades ago. It was in the year 1969, that the Mexican government took the initiative of unveiling its plans for altering the infrastructure of the city and making it open for tourism. This required building a totally new hotel zone, a more advanced hospitality industry and an international airport to promote visitors. The city that was the home of merely 1,000 residents 5 decades back now accommodates a million residents.

·      Its Beaches

In the country, all the beaches have been made public by the government. However, the thatched roofs, chairs and umbrellas are the property of the hotels located at the beaches that can be used by the guests only.

·      Medical Facilities

Diversity is cherished in Cancun, making it a favorite tourist destination. You may contact your hotel, if you want an English speaking doctor during anytime of the day. The five star hotels present in the city are also known for providing the guests with medical facilities on site. In case of severe emergencies faced after you undergo a procedure, the ambulance can be called within no time. The hospitals in Cancun are equipped with the finest and latest, making them the ideal source of providing patients with excellent medical aftercare.

·      Flights

The international airport of Cancun is one of the busiest airports located on the coast of the Caribbean. There are 12 million passengers that fly back and forth. The airport has the capacity of carrying out 34 operations every hour. Every major airline connects its flights to this destination.

·      Climate

The city experiences extreme temperatures in the months of July and August, when during the day, it often crosses 90s. The climate is high in humidity. The best time to experience the perks offered by Cancun is from November to April. The weather during this time of the year offers pleasant mornings and rejuvenating nights to its visitors.

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