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How do we begin to express the gratitude we have for My Medical Vacations. Being from the

United Stated and having access to some of the best medical services then coming to the decision

to outsource ones medical care was a big step, especially when both my husband and I are both

Medical Professionals. So many demands, decisions, and details to deliberate…. and then there is

the COST! The unique partnership between My Medical Vacations and Galenia Hospital along

with attentive and truly caring Dr.’s and staff helping walk us through all of our concerns,

questions and “What happens now?” moments made our choice there in Cancun an easy one.

Being such an absolutely beautiful destination, the delicious food, and rich culture and history

surrounding this part of Mexico were all a BONUS!!!

We all know medical procedures can be traumatic enough, but leaving your home to have one

done in another country and all the logistics that go along with it once you’re there is another

concern one can do without. This is where the “Team” at My Medical Vacations demonstrates

their professionalism and punctuality with a distinctive personal Española touch! It all came

together from the Director himself, Mr. Andrés Jurado, making the necessary calls to our personal

Patient Concierge, Betty Corona, who made everything work in sync and on schedule greeting us

daily throughout our stay with her sweet smile and genuine sensitivity.

We both would like to leave you with are a couple of things. Making your decision for undertaking

medical care outside your country is the first, but once it`s made have the assurance and security in

knowing My Medical Vacations will be there to attend to ALL your needs and handling them

with compassion and confidentiality. By the end of your stay, you will understand what an

extraordinary TEAM they are because of the dedication and love for their work. MUCHAS

GRACIAS My Medical Vacations!


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