Leslie Crawford Testimonial

Facelift, ME – USA

I am a skeptic, I contacted My Medical Vacations 6 years ago and it took me that long to get here. I was looking for an affordable facelift. I heard that I could get one in Mexico for a reasonable price, I was worried about a few things:

  1. Am I going to get ripped off
  2. Will the quality compare to the U.S.?
  3. Can I afford this?
  4. Logistics
  5. Safety
  6. Foreign language

I procrastinated and did nothing. Occasionally I would receive an email or phone call from My Medical Vacations, they were never pushy. They simply assured me they would answer all of my questions or be in contact with a doctor who could.

As I approached my 55th birthday, I realized time is not on my side and my looks are not going to improve on their own. I talked with Betty & Carolina, they provided the doctor’s credentials, photos, things I needed to do and all of the details. It took me a few more months to finally take action. I had all of the excuses in the world, days before my birthday was when I finally made a small deposit.

It’s now July 2022 and the procedure has been done. The team at My Medical Vacations and Dr. Valdez have exceeded my expectations in every possible way; they are professional yet extremely warm friendly and caring MMV has arranged everything from pick up at the airport a house to stay, a housekeeper, appointments and more, Betty, Carolina Val, Ana (nurse), Gaby are all amazing. You’ll see this over and over in other testimonials as well.

Dr. Valdez is outstanding as well, his credentials are impressive. He seems to love what he does. He is intelligent, diligent, and confident yet warm, friendly and compassionate.

He spent a long time with me in surgery because I have so many facial veins to work around, 10 hours in surgery and he came back 3 hours later at 11pm to check on me!

The anesthesiologist top-notch, warm & friendly too. Hospital Playamed is clean, modern, well-staffed, and professional.

Why did I wait? 1)I received a much better value than expected 2) Quality as good if not better than us. 3) Affordable 4) Arrangements made for me 5) MMV Dr. Valdez anesthesiologist speaks English 6) Very Safe

Why wait? E-mail or call me with questions or call/contact My Medical Vacations today!

Leslie Crawford ME,US

Leslie Crawford Testimonial
Leslie Crawford Testimonial