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Mexico at the top of Medical Tourism Destinations

Mexico is a top notch medical destination for people across the world, especially those in America, thanks to its close proximity to the United States and significantly more affordable medical costs.

Tens of thousands of People across America travel to Mexico for different medical treatments including dental work, stem cell treatments, fertility treatments and bariatric surgery.

So why is Mexico at the top of medical tourism destinations? Following few specifications clarify why and how Mexico is a top notch medical destination.

‘Significant Cost Saving’ Saving money is by far one of the biggest reasons why people prefer Mexico for medical treatments.

Many people wonder if the cost saving on their medical treatment in Mexico will be counteracted by the airfare and accommodation costs of traveling south of the border.

However, the financial benefits of choosing medical procedures in Mexico are still substantial. Most of the treatments in Mexico cost up to 50% and 75% cheaper than those in the U.S. For example, lap band surgery costs in U.S are between $14,000 and $17,000, while in Mexico same surgery costs merely around $7,000 in a top clinic.

That is why most patients remain satisfied knowing that even after having travelled across the border, they can still save a considerable amount of money.

Reduced wait times for medical care in Mexico People from Canada, or any other country with a nationalized health care system, choose to go to Mexico for medical treatment so that they can avoid frustratingly lengthy wait times.

Although there is insurance that covers your treatment, still you would have to wait anywhere between six and twelve months to see a doctor.

Long wait times in Mexico are virtually unheard of, and in many cases, you could expect to be able to book in for your procedure within a few weeks of your consultation.

No compromise on quality of care Low cost of medical procedures in Mexico concerns people that the quality of the surgeries and aftercare must be sub-standard.

We are pleased to debunk this myth.

The infrastructure and medical facilities offered in Mexico are equal in quality to that offered in the United States and Canada, if not better. Nine healthcare facilities in Mexico are equipped with the latest technology and equipment that perform outstanding quality procedures and deliver supreme aftercare to patients and internationally-reputed.

Highly qualified doctors and surgeons and skilled professionals with years of experience in their field work in Mexican hospitals.

There is no language barrier for the outside patients in Mexican hospitals as most of the Mexican doctors and surgeons have undergone their medical training in the U.S. or U.K. and so are able to deal with international patients with ease.