Top 5 Questions in Medical Tourism

Top 5 Questions in Medical Tourism

The medical tourism industry is in an extremely good position right now and 2015 has been a great year for the industry. However, there are still quite a few key issues that are hampering the progress of the industry and stopping it from going to the next level. So here are the top 5 questions in medical tourism that need to be answered today.

The Role of the Tourism and Travel Sector

The mainstream tourism and travel sector is a specialist niche sector which needs plenty of expertise in order to run successfully. The industry is growing and as a result it is having an impact over the travel sector as well, since more and more people now want to travel abroad for medical purposes.

Where is the Growth coming from?

In recent years, the medical tourism industry has really grown by leaps and bounds and it has attracted numerous entrants into the sector, which includes providers as well as destinations. A lot of people have still remained disappointed in the industry, since the market has failed to deliver to expectations and the majority of the destinations have failed to provide great service.

The industry has grown but it has not kicked on in terms of value and that is concerning because a lot of people are spending a lot of money in order to attain world-class medical care in exotic locations.

What do the Buyers and Customers Want?

This can be answered fairly easily: quality and support. All buyers and customers want medical breakthroughs for every major disease on this planet, but apart from that, they also want outstanding quality medical services. When people are spending their hard earned money, they want the very best medical services at some of the most exotic destinations in the world.

What do we call it? And how do we Count it?

Nearly everyone knows about medical tourism now but many know it in different names. Some call it health tourism, medical travel, wellness travel and then medical tourism. Another crucial aspect of the industry is that the hotel and tourism sector is also taken into account when the audit for medical tourism is being undertaken. However, medical travel in every single country is vastly different than the other, and the governments of every major medical tourism destination ensure that all patients are treated extremely well.

Is the EU Directive Working?

It was predicted that the medical tourism industry would sweep all across Europe but that proposed move has yet to happen and a lot of people are still looking for the signs which indicate that. So is the EU directive going to happen, or was this all a big hoax or miscalculation by everyone? There are lots of new destinations that are springing up in medical tourism and the recent promotion of the industry in the United Kingdom has shown glimpses of the EU directive working again and helping push medical tourism in Europe and the United Kingdom.

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