My Medical vacations – we are the Expert in Medical tourism Cancun

My Medical vacations – we are the Experts in Medical tourism Cancun

Are you looking for the best Medical Travel Organization to assist you through the tour to Cancun and help you get the best medical procedure required? You are at the right place! We are the “My Medical Vacations” – the leading medical tour facilitators not only in Cancun but throughout the Mexico. As Medical tourism continue to rise in Mexico, thousands of patient cross borders and undergo the advanced medical procedures in Cancun, this rise has enabled us to become better day by day. From pick and drop to the post-operation care program and hotel stay, we have got you covered. We are specialized in providing the essential logistic and full patients’ services throughout the stay.

Why do you require the assistance of My Medical Vacations?

Gone are the days when one had to look for the best hospital to avail of the treatment in the same city they reside. With time world has stepped up with the use of technology and now individual travel to another country in search of better medical procedure for low cost. Mexico is one of those countries inviting needy individuals to come and obtain the various treatment for extremely low cost than being offered in their country. Cancun has become the center of attraction for the patients around the world because travelling to Cancun can cut up to 70% cost on the original price of same surgery in other countries. Gladly – It has become life savior for the patients with small or no health insurance worldwide. If you are one who badly requires professional yet affordable treatments, Cancun invites you! We are the team of professionals to assist you throughout the journey.

What tasks do My Medical Vacation Perform?

We endeavor to get you out of the trouble and make the journey a memorable time of your life. Our job include:

  • Pick and Drop patients from Airport
  • Transportation
  • Daytrips and Tours
  • Making Appointments
  • Communication with the concerned doctors
  • Booking Hotel room
  • Provide you with the recommendations of the best medical and spa center around.
  • Building coordination with the specialists
  • Post operational care and support
  • Upon request, we also assist with the car rentals and nurses.
  • We provide safe and friendly environment to the patients.

In a nutshell, you’re not alone on your journey to Cancun, we have your back with each and everything, and prior to your calls!

However, we offer assistance with many medical procedures including Bariatric surgery, Face rejuvenation, Dentistry, and several other procedures.

We are the Expert in Medical Tourism Cancun

Thousands of clients across the borders believe that “We Are the Experts”! We are every inch loyal to the business thus provide our customers with all the mandatory support and in return earn the trust and satisfaction! We provide 24/7 support and best of all, similar to the advanced medical treatments/procedures in Cancun, we are also affordable to hire!

Contact now and let’s plan your vacation!