Medical Tourism- Save Big on Medical Treatments

Medical Tourism- Save Big on Medical Treatments

The rapid increase healthcare cost in the US has widened the gap between patients and quality medical treatments. According to Medical Tourism Resource Guide, currently there are about 50 million uninsured and underinsured Americans. The rising medical cost and no health insurance is a nightmare for these US citizens to seek medical treatments.

If you are also uninsured and you are in need of a cost-effective medical treatment, then it is advisable to opt for medical tourism.

Medical Tourism- A Growing Phenomenon

Medical tourism is growing massively with mostly people from the developed countries like the US Europe and Australia traveling on medical tours to less developed countries for medical treatments including cosmetic and elective surgeries. The reason for its on-going popularity among the citizens particularly from the developed countries is the savings. The top destinations for medical tours include Brazil, India, Korea, Singapore, Costa Rica and Mexico.

You can enjoy outstanding financial benefits on medical tour to these countries. You can save thousands of dollars and at the same time get an equally good medical treatment.  The “unmatched savings” factor is considered to be the primary driving factor of medical tourism. Besides another value adding factor when it comes to medical tourism is the vacation aspect. Along with getting a quality medical treatment, you can also enjoy a relaxing vacation away from the worries of life. Studies show that patients recover faster and feel much better when they are in a new environment. So, this means medical tourism is not only a good way to save big on cost but also a good way to recover faster.

According to consumer Health Forum of Australia, medical tourism is growing explosively at a rate of 20 to 30 percent each year. In fact, it is now estimated to be a $100 billion industry globally. And there are estimates that more than $300 million is spent by Australians to go overseas for medical procedures. Most of them travel to Mexico and Brazil for medical care.

How Much You Can Save?

Let’s take a look at how much you can save if you opt for medical tourism. Using US costs across a variety of medical specialties and procedures as a benchmark, here an average range of savings for the most-traveled medical tour destinations:

  • Costa Rica: You can save around 40-65%
  • Brazil: You can save 25-40%
  • Korea: You can save around 30-45%
  • Malaysia: You can save around 50-60%
  • Taiwan: You can save around 40-55%
  • Mexico: It by far offers the highest percentage savings, 40-80%

Destinations and Top Specialties

Here is a list of popular destinations and their top specialties:

  • Brazil-It is largely visited for its quality cosmetic surgery
  • Mexico-It boosts world-class and American accredited hospitals offering top notch medical treatments with unmatched specialties in weight loss surgeries, cosmetic dentistry and Fertility treatments
  • Costa Rica- Thousands of travelers come to Costa Rica for its quality dentistry
  • Singapore- Offers quality diagnostic services for cancer
  • India- Cost-effective cardiological treatment is India’s forte.

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