Rinoplasty and Eyelid Surgery Testimonial from Alberta, Canada

Rinoplasty and Eyelid Surgery Testimonial from Alberta, Canada

To everyone at My Medical Vacations (MMV) a huge heartfelt “Muchas Gracias”. My 17 day adventure is coming to an end and I just want you to know you have all exceeded my expectations. After an extensive internet search, it was clear to me that MMV was the correct choice for me.

My cost of the medical surgeries in Cancun was less that what it would have had been at home (even after airfare, hotel and spending money). What is the price attached to being able to head to heal in a tropical paradise with none of the obligations of home?

My second concern was the ability of the surgeon in Cancun Vs. those “at home” and I can tell you that I had total trust in both surgeons in Cancun. The surgeons are very skilled specialists who have spent considerable time, effort and money to become the compassionate professionals they are. The staff at MMV have developed strong relationships with the best surgeons and that was reassuring.

The third and deciding factor for me was the privacy to have the surgeries away from home and Heal away from home so it would not be necessary to explain my actions.

All phases, pre op, operation and post op were extremely well organized. The after care and Follow ups have provided me with assurance that “all is well”

Looking forward for my next “Medical Vacation”



“…You have all exceeded my expectations. After an extensive internet search, it was clear to me that MMV was the correct choice for me…”


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