Tracey Levesque

Vaser Max Liposuction + BBL + Tummy Tuck Correction, USA

This is my second trip here to Cancun for surgery; I have 100% confidence in the team at My Medical Vacations Cancun.

I am a person that always has a million questions; I absolutely need to be prepared for every detail, Betty always had answers for me light away. I wasn’t dilling Betty was dilling Andres they were always thorough, professional, and caring, always very patient.

My aftercare was absolutely top-notch, in the US, you are sent home from day surgery or the next day, through My Medical Vacations you are picked up at the airport brought to all your pre-surgical appointments, brought to your hotel, and from the hospital.

This is where the service is by far the absolute best, after surgery you are checked on daily by your personal nurse and medical concierge

My first trip my nurse was Ana Lopez, I loved her so much I was able to request her for this time as well. The whole team is like a family I wouldn’t do plastic surgery any other way!

I recommend My Medical Vacations Cancun with absolutely 100% confidence

Tracey Levesque

Tracey T