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What You Need To Know About Vaginoplasty

What You Need To Know About Vaginoplasty

We live in an era where thousands of procedures and products are available to help women to hold on to their youth as long as possible. One such procedure is vaginoplasty, also known as posterior colporrhaphy that promises the tightening of the vagina, elimination of vaginal dryness, and more. 

Childbirth and age contribute to vaginal laxity that is caused due to the stretching of tissues or separation of muscles. Some women consider vaginoplasty in Cancun, Mexico, to reverse these changes and diminish sexual dysfunction. If you are too are thinking the same, it’s a good decision to learn a few things about the procedure.

What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is a plastic surgery that tightens, repairs, and reconstructs the vagina. This invasive surgical procedure is a part of vaginal rejuvenation, a cosmetic procedure for female genitalia, to tighten the skin inside the vagina and remove extra tissues. 

Vaginal laxity, as mentioned already, affects a woman’s quality of life. It impacts their sex lives and makes them feel less confident and happy about their body. Some women also complain about not being able to use tampons properly. 

What Does the Vaginoplasty Do?

A vaginoplasty procedure brings the separated muscles together and removes the extra mucosa skin, present at the backside of the vagina. The treatment is recommended when an injury or trauma results in the dysfunction of the vagina. In other cases, vaginoplasty treats existing congenital or birth defects. Essentially, women chose the procedure to restore the optimal structure and appearance of the vaginal area and improve its function.

What are the Risks and Complications?

Similar to other medical and cosmetic surgeries, vaginoplasty involves some risks and complications. This invasive procedure requires incisions and may increase the risk of developing an infection and excessive bleeding. The surgery also includes anesthesia; therefore, patients should discuss with an anesthesiologist about possible complications. 

In general, your surgeon and anesthesiologist suggest multiple consultations to know about your medical history and lifestyle to determine risks that you may face. They also perform a series of tests to be sure that you are healthy and well prepared for the procedure. 

Recovering From Vaginoplasty

Patients may need a few weeks to recover from a vaginoplasty. During the first few days, they may feel deep ache and pain. You can ask your loved one to stay close by to help you during the initial period. Your surgeon will prescribe you medications to manage the pain and prevent infections. You must also refrain from using tampons or intercourse for up to eight weeks to ensure your vagina heals properly. In some cases, patients have to use dilators depending on their procedure and the amount of vaginal tightening.

Vaginoplasty is an intimate but important procedure to win back the confidence about your body. Feel free to connect with reputed and experienced surgeons for vaginoplasty in Cancun, Mexico, to get professional advice and learn more about the possibilities of the procedure.