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Brazilian Buttock lift in Mexico

A Brazilian Buttock lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the appearance of buttock.

It may be done as a part of tummy tuck (belt lipectomy) or body lift to counter the buttock groin, thigh and abdomen.

A buttock lift alone would not add enough volume to the buttocks, so sometimes the buttock lift is combined with augmentation procedure to alter the shape, or size of buttock with implant or fat graft.

It is also knowns as Brazilian Buttock Lift because In 1996 Dr Leonard Gosman was performing a fat transfer surgery on television, and that patient happened to be of brazil.

The show was titled “Building the Brazilian butt” The nickname for this procedure stuck and now it is known by that.

Why it is done:

As u get older, your skin changes and becomes loser. In addition Sun damage, fluctuation in weight and genetic factor can also contribute to poor skin elasticity, these factors can cause your buttock, as, well as other parts of your body, to sag.

Procedure of the Brazilian Buttock lift:

The area surrounding the buttock are first encountered by liposuction in order to make the buttocks stand out more and the fat grafting material must be harvested in a way, which preserves the integrity of fat cells.

Common areas for liposuction are lower back (directly above the buttock the stomach the waist and the thighs.

Why BBL In Mexico:

Mexico for Brazilian buttock lift is a premiere destination for cosmetic surgery, especially for American and Canadians, as it is so close to them.

Having surgery is a scary prospect and any time , and some people feel more easy  by travelling short , rather than long. It is not just American and Canadians, who come to Mexico as medical tourists.

It has long been popular holiday destination and his beginning to get good reputation for its medical facilities.

So, medical travellers from across the word are now coming here, because as well as the high standards of patient care, the cost is considerably less than their home countries.

Expertise ics something that always every people want and in Mexico there are several surgeon  who have undertaken training in the  united states and likely to be members of one of the U.S Medical specialty Boards.

The cost of Brazilian buttock lift in Mexico is around $4000, compared to $8000 in united stated of America.

● The best candidate for Brazilian Buttock lift is someone who is in over good health and adequate donor areas of fat in their body.