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Breast Implants, Oklahoma, EE.UU

Travelling alone for a medical procedure can be a scary thing to do so much that it can stop someone from being who they want to be or to make themselves feel better mentally and physical.

As time progressed after having three children a stressful divorce and weight loss, I saw that my body aging and the breast was starting to sag. I decided to do something for myself; I began to explore medical procedures. Then I came across “My Medical Vacations”, the first person I corresponded with was extremely helpful. But like many I thought “doing medical procedure overseas” In my head I thought of all stories I’ve heard about overseas surgeries, the staff was very engaging , I did not feel any pressure to make a decision, really it was the start of the best thing. For a few more months, I continued to contemplate this decision. I went back over and over the materials, they send to me. I decided I would go for it and make the change. I continued to ask questions I even asked about travelling alone. I was reassured this happens often. I decided to schedule the procedure.

This is where my journey begins, Day 1 I was supposed to fly to Cancun, lowed behold my flights was cancelled, I immediately notified the team from “My Medical Vacations”. They reorganized and made contact with the Dr. fortunately he was able to see me the following day for the surgery, unfortunately my schedule was again redone because my flight was cancelled again, the MMV team worked with me and were able to shift my schedule.

I finally land in Mexico at 12:45 AM and outside the door was the driver with my name. I check into the hotel, which took about a minute and was given my room. The following day the nurse picked me up, she was very friendly and patient, I went to the hospital to do all my labs, once again with very little waiting I met with the doctor that same day.

Dr. Valdez was amazing he explained everything he was doing, he had excellent bedside manners. I left the consultation appointment feeling very comfortable. The following day I was taken to the hospital in preparation for my surgery, the nurse whom had been with me through the whole process continued to remain with me. This really added to my feeling comfort she had become a familiar face. The anesthesiologist was amazing, she also came in and explained everything to me I would say my level of anxiety throughout this process was about a I out of 10. My surgery went well and I stayed at the hospital for a few hours for observation I was brought back home by the same nurse, she took me back to my follow up appointment, the doctor again was great.

I would say from start to finish this team deserves an “10” and two thumbs up. The way they treated me I felt helped with the speed of my recovery. This trip really felt like a vacations, if this is something you would want to do for yours, I highly encourage you to consider “My Medical Vacations”


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