COVID Scenario in 2021

The Covid virus emerged in the later part of 2019 from Wuhan, China. By 2020 this virus started spreading around the whole globe. We lost 1.9 million lives. The businesses were drowned, institutions were closed, people were working from their living rooms, students were studying from the bedroom, parents were losing the jobs, and the loved ones were losing their lives. All there was despair everywhere. A wave of uncertainty took over the world and everyone was in chaos. The only goal in 2020 was to stay ALIVE. Young graduates were left depressed as they were watching a jobless market. 2020 was hard and harsh! Yes, it was indeed. But as the year 2021, we are filled with hopes. The hopes to survive. The hopes to live and flourish. Let’s discuss,

How COVID scenario will be in 2021?

  • New Strains
  • More Drugs
  • Well prepared
  • Faster Testing
  • Vaccines

New strains Covid:

By the end of 2020, new strains of Covid started to emerge. Making it clear that the virus is capable to mutate. The severity of the latest strains is yet not clear. Keeping these mutation strains in view, one sure thing is that, we will have to be very careful even this year to cope with this virus. Strict restrictions need to be imposed to control the outbreak of this variant of the COVID virus.

More Drugs:

Giving some hope in 2021, the fact is that there will be more amount of drugs that will cure COVID. As the researchers are studying the virus very keenly and are working on the provision of the antiviral drugs before coming intact to the virus. This means they are working on boosting the immunity of the people. As a result of the studies, we are hearing multiple drugs are becoming the mean of the cure. We are hopeful that, within the coming days we will get the cure of this virus easily in our local pharmacies.

Well Prepared:

By the start of this pandemic, we lost a lot of lives. Only because it all happened in an instant that the people and the duties were not properly prepared. We were lacking equipment like ventilators, masks, and sanitizers. But fortunately, in 2021 we are well prepared. The medical staff is prepared to handle the patients quite effectively. Our hospitals are equipped better. Everyone having basic aids is prepared to cope with the pandemic in 2021.

Faster Testing:

By 2020, there was a shortage of testing kits around the globe. Only a limited group of people were being tested. A lot of time was wasted just waiting for the results to come. But thankfully, 2021 is not the same. There are way better means for testing the virus. Tearing kits are available extensively for everyone. That day is not far when we will get our covid results within minutes.

Covid vaccines:

We are fortunate to race for supremacy around us. Different nations are working hard for vaccines just to win a race of ruling the world. This race has already given us vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna. We are quite sure that 2021 will bring more vaccines for us.

But fortunately or unfortunately, the use of masks, hand sanitizing, and social distancing is not going to end in 2021.