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How to Make the Most out of a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian butt lift has gained significant popularity over the years. Many people who fail to achieve curvaceous posteriors through exercises or diet turn to plastic surgery in Mexico for a cost effective solution. The surgery itself is performed as an outpatient procedure with local anaesthesia. If you have undergone a Brazilian butt lift procedure, there are few ways to maximize the results, here are some of them:

Wear the right garment

Choosing the right garment is important because it supports the healing process. Pressurizing or squeezing the newly transferred fat could kill the fat cells. Avoid wearing too tight or restrictive garment at least for the initial 8 weeks.

Sit on thighs

Try to sit on thighs for few weeks instead of buttocks. Roll a towel in a cylindrical shape and place it beneath the buttocks. Try to sit on it to ensure the weight is off from the buttocks. Sitting on buttocks is avoided for about 8 weeks. You can also use a donut pillow to sit on.

Maintain a stable weight

Fluctuations in weight can have a negative impact on this procedure. A significant weight gain can alter the appearance of the procedure.

Avoid exercising for a while

To make sure the fat cells are not burnt, avoid strenuous exercises for at least 2 months during recovery. To manage your fat burn rate, try light walking. Avoid indulging in any activity that puts extra pressure on the buttock resulting in trauma.

Drink lots of fluid

Consuming good amount of fluids provide essential electrolytes, salts and minerals that can fasten the recovery process. Drinking water will help maintain a good body weight and avoid water retention.

Brazilian butt lifts can be painful because sometimes the fat cells take longer than usual to recover. With proper care and diet, it can last for years without causing any discomfort. This procedure is more preferred over implants as the recovery is way more painful in case of implants than the butt lift procedure. Additionally, it does not require any implant to be inserted in the body.

Where to get it done?

With medical facilities becoming more and more expensive in America, people are turning towards Cancun for plastic surgery. Medical facilitators like My Medical Vacations can make the process easier with their pre and post surgery care services which involves access to the best surgeons, hospitals, and long distance follow ups. Plan your next medical vacation with us.

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