We understand what hundreds of people are concerned about when it comes to the idea of having surgery outside of the US or CANADA.

One of the most effective ways to find out all the details is not to ask the provider but someone who has already done it… the opinion of a previous patient should be a valuable tool to measure the level of quality, safety, service that a provider is offering

Here is an actual communication that shows exactly what we are talking about.

Note: The names have been omitted for privacy purposes.

“…Sorry to bother you I am just trying to do as much research as possible before I commit to my surgery.  I am looking to get liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift ( my weight has been an issue for 30 some years and I have just never had that body I dreamed of)  I am extremely nervous about going to Mexico to get these procedures done but the cost savings is so extreme that I really cant pass it up.  Now I know that I shouldn’t include cost in my decision and you hear horror stories of people going to get cheap surgery and having so many complications and all because they wanted to save a couple bucks….  I would love to hear about your experience and also about the facility so any info you could provide would be so much appreciated!!


Im so glad you contacted me!!  I am happy to share my amazing, wonderful, phenomenal experiences with MMV with you! I too have battled with my weight since I was 10 years old.  When my daughter left for college my husband was very excited to travel.  I wanted to hide in the attic! I suggested a medical vacation and luckily he was receptive.  In all honesty, it has completely changed my life!  The surgeon performed lipo and my results were noticeable in days – Im not kidding! As the months progressed I felt better about myself each day.  6 months later I wanted the procedures you are looking in to and I went back to the surgeon.  You need to understand who the surgeon is.  He is an artist/sculptor.  I met with him and told him what I wanted, but he is the one with the eye for detail.  He assessed my body and made it symettrical and proportional.  He removed fat from my knees so they would look proportinate to my thighs etc.  He is extremely talented and I have been so pleased with my results!

As far as the cost, it is something to always be concerned about!  I have found places that will match his price in and out of the US.  The difference is, this surgeon is extremely talented!  In addition, My Medical vacations is a phenomenal customer service business.  Your cost will include the services they provide.  They take care of EVERY detail.  They secure your  hotel room.  Take you to and from each doctor, lab, and cardiology appointment.  They meet you in the recovery room after surgery and check on you in your hotel room post op.  They also send a nurse to see you on a daily bases to make sure you are healing.  You cant put a price on this – they are with you the entire stay!

As far as complications, I have had 3 trips to Cancun, and my husband has had 2.  We have never had any complications.  The medical facilities are immaculate!  The owner of MMV is wonderful!  He is on top of every detail and oversees his staff.  He works directly with the surgeon,  the patient, and his staff.   He has a great deal of experience and knows what to expect from patients in the days following surgery.  He makes sure everyone has what they need.    You will love him!

I really love Cancun and everyone that I have met.  It is a very safe environment.  The people are extremely friendly because that is how they are.  They dont care what your nationality is, or where you are from – they are just very nice!

I hope I answered your questions, feel free to keep asking!!

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