My name is Nancy and I live in Michigan with my husband. My niece who is my best friend is 5 years younger than me came to Cancun for a face lift and told me of her experience with My Medical Vacations and how wonderful the people were to her and took such great care of her.

Well at the very least I was skeptical although at 64 years old I was not happy with my looks and decided to step out on faith and scheduled a face lift with My Medical Vacations also.

My coordinator Tanja was very informative of what to expect and kept in contact with me by phone and email. She even had her supervisor to call me and reassure me of some concerns and questions. When my niece and I arrived we were picked up and taken to our hotel which buy chance was a problem with the hotel. My niece called Betty, one of the other  fabulous women working with me on my case. They made other hotel arrangements and picked us up again and made sure we were safe and comfortable. Betty picked us up to get blood test, see a cardiologist and meet with plastic surgeon. After surgery we were brought to our hotel room and every day Anna came to help Charlotte bath me and make sure I was okay.

These group and people are the nicest, caring people I have ever met. They brought us food every day if we needed it no matter what we ask for. They checked on us every day and sometimes 3 to 4 times a day.

But it is not my wish to misinform anyone, plastic surgery is very painful but I really do not think you will find a greater bunch of people to entrust yourself into their care. They made us feel very comfortable in every way. Just down to earth caring people.

Thank you to the staff of My Medical Vacations. I have a few months ahead of me before the bruising and swelling and everything settles down but I am confident that I will feel much like my niece, she looks beautiful.

“My prayer is that God will bless each of you at My Medical Vacations for the joy and confidence you are placing in people´s life.”

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