Carolyn Beach

Facelift + Rhinoplasty Testimonial / Tacoma, Washington

I was nervous about having Surgery on my face by a doctor I had not met and in a foreign country. But I took the plunge and came here, a 54-yr-old woman, leaving my husband at home.

The staff at My Medical Vacations has been absolutely fabulous. After flying all night, I arrived here tired and worried.

Keera and Christine met me at the airport and walked me thru the whole process. They took me to my hotel and transported be back and forth to surgery and Doctor´s appts.

The surgery went well but after the flight, change in temperature and unfamiliar food, my stomach started acting up. My nurse Cristina has been the best- she got my medicine for my stomach and drops for my eyes; I don’t know what I would have done without her care.

The staff at La Quinta (Which is where I stayed, by recommendation of MMV) have been so helpful and talented. No screams when they saw my bruised face after being released from the hospital. I can’t say enough about how well I have been treated.

These three ladies Keera, Christine and Cristina, I am so thankful for them, I leave for home tomorrow and I will always recommend My Medical Vacations, to anyone who asks. The Doctors in the USA may do a good job in the actual surgery, but the caring and concern by the doctors and the staff here is not something I have ever experienced from medical staff back home. And over the years I’ve had my share of surgeries. I am excited to see the final results and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me. Even the doctors were available after hours and on Sundays to do pre and post op care. When would you ever find that in the USA?

Thanks again


Carolyn Cyr,

Seattle/Tacoma Washington

Facelift + Rhinoplasty Testimonial

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