Testimonial Cosmetic Surgery from California, USA

Testimonial Cosmetic Surgery from California, USA

My Name is D.A.! Recently, I used My Medical Vacations to coordinate Surgery and Liposuction for me in Cancun. I credit the reason that I took such a huge step to Dawn Cortes. She had just the right amount of persistence and friendliness, Also while in Cancun, Dawn continued to help me and in addition I received services from Betty Corona who took me to appointments, who brought me snacks and who worried along with Dawn and other staff about getting me to take care of myself including Andres the owner.

Furthermore the skin treatment opportunity that My Medical Vacations offered to me through their MEDSPA turned out to be TOP NOTCH.

I`m not a novice at cosmetic surgery liposuction and facial work, so I know what’s bad, good and great.

My experience here has been great.








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