IV Nutrition and Its Benefits

IV Nutrition and Its Benefits While In Cancun

Whether your needs are reparative or preventative in nature, IV nutrition therapy is the only process that ensures 100% of its nutrients are absorbed. If you are thinking about a detox then this is the perfect procedure for you. Containing all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs while flushing out your body and digestive tract. This drip contains 5% Dextrose to keep you going through the day and takes away the annoying groggy effects throughout your detox.

The body needs an adequate amount of vital minerals and nutrients to function properly. Without a sufficient supply of essential minerals and nutrients, physiological functions do not work as effectively as they normally would, and the body is more susceptible to diseases and other illnesses.

Nutrition is a method of providing minerals, vitamins, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies. This allows the nutrients to flood your body and nourish itself at the cellular level. By using this method, we can safely deliver larger doses that would not otherwise be tolerated orally.

IV nutrition therapy is formulated to replenish hydration and help you recover from a variety of ailments such as a hangover*, common colds, flu-like symptoms, body aches, headaches or seasonal allergies. Emerging technologies and models are driving a shift in the role of medical billing in Cancun.

The premiere outpatient facility in Cancun merges a world-class resort destination with state-of-the-art technology to create an innovative healing space where patients can both detach and detox. While the drips are administered professionals and nutritionist in as little as 30 minutes, you begin to feel the effects immediately with 100% absorption and complete rehydration.

You can then say goodbye to your entire days wasted feeling hungover, lethargic, jet lagged or recovering from strenuous exercise and activities.

IV nutrition procedures specifically offered in Cancun are also designed to enhance the anti-cancer treatments of conventional therapies and to treat chronic infections such as Lyme disease and co-infections.

IV nutrition therapy delivers nutrients, minerals, and anti-oxidants through the veins into the circulatory system, bypassing the digestive tract and allowing more effective assimilation.

IV therapy can be of great importance for patients with weakened digestion, impaired immune function, chronic illness or heavy toxic body burden. Wound healing and surgical recovery can be greatly enhanced by IV nutrition therapy.

For patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, IV therapy provides direct nutritional support and immune enhancement.

To learn more about the IV nutrition therapy, schedule an appointment with a My Medical Vacations to get the nutrient boost your body needs to perform optimally and help ward off sickness and diseases.

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