Kim May 2

Tummy Tuck, California, USA

My name is Kim and I am from California. After finding an exceptional Dentist in Mexico many years ago, we no longer trust anyone else with our Dental needs. When I decided to finally have a tummy tuck which I should have done many years ago, I decided to find someone to help connect me with the perfect physician to help me complete a long-waited goal, because I do not speak fluent Spanish, I struggled communicating with surgeons on my own.

I contacted Medical Vacations, which was the smartest thing I have ever done. Instantly I was talking with staff members, and they were connecting me with the perfect Doctor for the procedure I was looking to have. Within a few days, I had the Doctors recommendations, a quote, lists of all the information I needed to travel to Mexico.

I was provided excellent nurses, pick up at the airport, a nice room to heal after surgery. The one thing that stands out about my experience in Mexico vs the United States is the level of care I was provided while in Mexico. Every test I took, every Doctor and treatment staff member I talked to, took the time to explain to me everything that was going to happen during and after surgery.

They provided me with exceptional pre-surgery care making my recovery time shorter and less painful. I never would have received the same amount of care if I would have had this surgery here in the United States, not to mention the after-care attention they provided me. I am forever grateful for the professional way I was cared for.

The staff at My Medical Vacations is beyond educated; they speak fluent English and took care of me in every way. If I ever need anything else in the future I would, without a second thought, reach out to them.