Medical Tourism in Mexico: Facts and Myths

Medical Tourism in Mexico: Facts and Myths

Due to the rising costs of healthcare in the US, a number of people are opting for medical treatment abroad, which is both affordable and of a higher quality. However, a number of people refrain from going abroad due to the many misconceptions surrounding the medical tourism industry.

When it comes to medical tourism in Mexico, there are a number of myths that are perceived as authentic facts by many people. Here, we discuss the myths in comparison with the bare facts of medical tourism in Mexico.

Myth #1: Standard of Healthcare in Mexico is Very Low

Many people assume that since the standards of living in Mexico are fairly below average, the healthcare industry must also be below average. This is entirely false. A high number of healthcare practitioners in Mexico are highly qualified and have certified qualifications from the best institutes present all over the world. The standard of healthcare in Mexico is top notch and well in accordance with the latest technologies.

Myth #2: Lack of Cleanliness and Sanitation at Hospitals in Mexico

The lack of some health codes regarding sanitation in Mexico make potential patients feel that the hospitals must definitely be unclean and unsanitary. In reality, however, most of the hospitals in Mexico have acquired an international accreditation for cleanliness and sanitation in all facilities, therefore making this perception baseless.

Myth #3: Adamant Malpractice in All Healthcare Institutes

Malpractice is an unfortunate part of medical institutes all over the world. Even in the best hospitals of the world, it is likely that there would be a very small percent of malpractice cases. When it comes to Mexico, one should realize that more than a million people are highly satisfied with the healthcare available. Similarly, a few rare cases of malpractice should not deem that this problem is adamant and persisting in the hospitals of Mexico.

Myth #4: Language Barrier Can Compromise Healthcare

Most people believe that if one is not fluent in Spanish they will not be able to deal effectively with the healthcare specialists in an effective manner. However, English is very commonly spoken in Mexico and in addition to this; a number of translators and English speaking healthcare professionals are available in most healthcare institutes.

Myth #5: Lack of Qualified Specialists

Some of the best specialists in the world are present in Mexico. Assuming that there are rarely any specialists available is a baseless assumption. Healthcare professionals like dentists, surgeons, etc trained from all over the world are avidly practicing in Mexico and giving some of the best healthcare to patients.


The Joint Commission, the highly prestigious healthcare certification body in US, also certifies healthcare in Mexico. After doing research about the type of treatment you require and discussing treatment methods with specialists, opting for Mexico as a medical vacation destination is a decision that will most likely prove to be beneficial according to both cost and health.

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