My Medical Vacations Press Release

My Medical Vacations Press Release



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Medical tourism milestone achieved for Mexico as Cancun’s My Medical Vacations becomes first Mexico medical tourism agency to receive international certification.

My Medical Vacations in Cancun, a leader in Mexico’s medical tourism sector, is first in Mexico to be certified for quality of care and services for medical travelers by the Medical Travel Quality Alliance.

September 5, 2014 – Cancun and Scottsdale – My Medical Vacations, the leading medical tourism agency and facilitator in Cancun, has become the first medical tourism company in Mexico to achieve international medical tourism certification from the US-based Medical Travel Quality Alliance.

“We are pleased to award medical tourism certification to such an outstanding company. After a review of the operations and processes for care and services to medical tourists by My Medical Vacations, our evaluators have determined that it offers excellent and responsible services to its clients and the partners in its medical network,” announced Julie Munro, President of MTQUA.

Medical tourism certification is awarded to a hospital, clinic or medical tourism agency that meets the international standard of quality in 10 areas that directly impact a medical tourist’s wellbeing and good results.

“Achieving certification is important to us as it is the best proof that My Medical Vacations abides by the highest standards of quality in providing health care support and services to our American clients,” says Andres Jurado, Managing Director and Founder of My Medical Vacations.

“Our job is to provide the link or bridge to the patient from the home country and destination country. We take care of logistics, communication and planning, and provide peace of mind,” he says.

 The company was reviewed by an evaluation team from MTQUA. They examined how the company manages a medical tourist including the inquiry process, care management while abroad, and problem-solving processes. This involved a study of the company’s website and internet marketing, communication procedures, privacy and security measures, multicultural sensitivity, medical support services, and certain operations and business procedures that have been shown to affect the quality of treatment and care a medical tourist receives.

“Medical tourists are not ordinary patients,” said Ms. Munro. “They need more attention, not only in matters of comfort but more important, in matters of care. They want to know that they can trust the hospital or the agency to deliver on what they promise. We are confident they will get all of this from My Medical Vacations.”

My Medical Vacations ( is a medical tourism company and medical travel facilitator based in Cancun. Working with leading medical and dental providers in Cancun since 2013    , the company has been providing high quality health and wellness care and services to medical tourists from the United States, Canada, Germany and elsewhere. 

Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA,, an independent international organization founded in 2009 to promote the special safety and quality concerns in the treatment and care of medical tourists, publishes an annual list of the World’s Best Hospitals For Medical Tourists™ and Best Practices in Medical Tourism. Medical tourism certification from MTQUA is the only enterprise-wide certification program for hospitals, clinics, agencies, recovery resorts and related services and providers.

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