Plastic Surgery Myths

Plastic Surgery Myths You Aren’t Aware Of

Talk about plastic surgery and associated misconceptions will come in from every direction. Without asking, people will advise you on do’s and don’ts and things you must know about, even irrespective of whether they are true or not. You start to believe in those myths but instead of falling for them, meet and talk to professional plastic surgeons in Cancun Mexico first. To make things a little clearer, we’ve compiled a list of some common myths related to plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Are Same

While cosmetic surgery entirely focuses on enhancing a person’s appearance, plastic surgery takes care of reconstructing defects. Though both words are interchangeably used in many places, cosmetic surgery is only a part of plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon recovers birth defects, scars, burns, and diseases by performing cosmetic surgery as well in the affected areas.

You Lose Overall Weight with Liposuction

False! Liposuction only targets a section from where excessive fat has to be removed. For instance, when you want to remove the extra layer of fat collected over the love handles, liposuction works the best. But to accomplish the mission of overcoming the weight, regular exercise, and a proper diet is what you have to follow.

Plastic Surgery leaves no scars

You cannot reshape any part of your body, without scars. The visibility of a scar is determined by how the plastic surgeon closes the incision. Mostly surgeons ensure to minimize their presence. They make an incision where the skin makes creases naturally. Also, scars fade away depending on how you have taken care of them after the surgery. 

Plastic Surgery Have Long Lasting Results

Plastic surgery doesn’t magically give you noticeable results. Though it hides away imperfections, injuries, and aging, preventing aging and changes that the body naturally makes is just not possible. To make the results last longer, you have to follow certain skin care routines and make lifestyle changes. When the results begin to dimish, you have to consider undergoing another plastic surgery.

Sun Exposure Is A Strict No

Rather than following such a myth blindly, talk to your surgeon about post-surgery precautions you need to take. Definitely, your surgeon will suggest minimizing sun exposure time but avoiding it completely isn’t required. Limiting your sun exposure accelerates healing and avoids the reddening of scars. Additionally, you always have sunscreen to prevent damages from sun rays. 

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