Taking Care of your Tucked Tummy While Enjoying Your Medical Vacay in Mexico

Signing up for a tummy tuck surgery could finally help you get that slim summer body you’ve always dreamt of sporting, but do remember this procedure comes with its fair share of recovery regulations. However, with your vacation mode on and your courage by your side, you can make your tummy tuck experience an absolute bliss.

Healing on vacation

One of the top destinations for medical vacationers, Cancun is the place to be if you’re looking for some much need therapeutic break. However, if you want to make the best of your vacation, here’s what you need to do. Book your spot with one of the leading medical vacation services and get the best cost of tummy tuck in Mexico, Cancun this season.

Even though finding tummy tuck surgeries in Mexico is not that difficult, the recovery process following your surgery might be a little. While the best doctors come aboard to chisel your extra pounds away, you on your end, have to keep a strict eye out on these precautions-

Stocking up:- A popular practice during tummy tuck surgeries is to wear a thigh high compression stocking which reduces the chances of blood clots. However, doctors recommend keeping your compression stockings on for a few more days post surgery to ease with the leg swelling.

Pain Care:- During the tummy tuck process, Exparel, a numbing agent is often used to keep the pain in check. However, post surgery your doctor will prescribe you a few oral medications to combat pain and you have to strictly abide by the dosage or administration guidelines if want to enjoy your tucked tummy without pain.

Nausea check:- Battling nausea while on your medical vacation doesn’t sound all that right and that’s exactly why you need to keep your doctor updated on which experiences are triggering your nausea or if you experience any at all.

Cane Control:- Tightening the abdominal muscles in your body may come with some repercussions during the initial stages of your tummy tuck surgery which means staying a little bent at the waist would probably be more comfortable than standing up. However, you don’t want to mess up your posture or spine in the bargain and hence a cane for the initial days is a must

These are however, just the basics of caring after a tummy tuck. Your doctor might recommend some more precautions from showering to sleeping posture, diet, and more.

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