Traveling Abroad After COVID-19

It has been 6 months since the first case of COVID-19 was reported on the Earth and unfortunately, by now, it has dragged  275K people to death while the current cases in the world have surpassed 3.9M. On the other hand, 1.32 M people have also recovered from the disease on their own.

The irony is, no one knows where it’ll take the world before it’s ended but one thing is doubtless, we, human, are on the verge to change the thoughts about the world of microbes – these aren’t as easy as we assumed in the past, and could end up with the massive loss as the COVID-19.

For a long time, it has been creating deleterious issues for mankind and humanity but at the same time, our frontline soldiers, whom we called medical staff and practitioners are after making the vaccines.

Best is, some advanced countries have also made immunoglobulin and vaccines for COVID-19 using the plasma of those, who have been recovered so far, their practices undergone in various clinical trials, and we truly hope for the good! Experts say, the day isn’t far when lives get back to the normal but possibly it’ll take a short more period till the clinical trials come out successful!

Traveling After the Outbreak:

The lives will turn back to the normal, soon, but, the state of the human mind would take time to attain normalcy back, people will travel abroad again, but this time with the great change, it will make them stay focused to attend their health, eating healthy, sleep properly, etc.

However, no one is sure when exactly traveling will again receive the freedom by the authorities, and when they’ll allow planes to get on the air as the pandemic has cut the air travel completely.

But it is to say, flights will start running from region to region and not country to country immediately after the outbreak, this initiative is decided to further reduce the risk of the outbreak. Business people aren’t allowed to travel abroad and advised to deal remotely, domestic flights have been cut for long, and restrictions are taken on the personal traveling as well – this all is to save mankind.

On the other hand, WHO, United Nations, and CDC have advised people for safe-traveling during and after COVID-19:

  • Higher authorities of the countries must not allow flights to go to any affected area of the world.
  • In case, if you reach somewhere is affected and reporting growing cases, you must immediately contact your healthcare provider.
  • If countries receive flights from any affected area, quarantine travelers for 14 days.
  • Even after the COVID-19 outbreak, on traveling, people must take necessary stuff to keep their personal hygiene and health up.
  • You must frequently wash hands, avoid touching face, wear the mask, avoid close contact, and must take healthy food on traveling.
  • Avoid traveling immediately after the outbreak at least for one year, and if you do, make sure it should not go long.

Due to looming uncertainties, no one knows when do world has to face another issue, traveling wouldn’t be easy in such circumstances but if we abide by the instructions, we would possibly save ourselves from danger!  

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