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Covid 19 Travel Restrictions for Canadians

2020 started with a deadly virus that transmitted throughout the world within no time. Millions of people came COVID positive while thousands of them died. Since the virus transfers due to human interaction, most countries imposed travel restrictions for citizens from other countries.

The year 2020 ended, but the travel restrictions are not yet fully lifted. Most countries are discouraging their citizens from traveling to other countries. Mexico is a medical hub because of its affordable medical services. Every year, millions of people from the US and Canada visit Mexico for their medical checkups.

However, recently the three countries of North America agreed to restrict border crossing for medical reasons. Canadians are facing travel restrictions when they enter Mexico. These restrictions are of two types. One is from the Canadian government while the other is from the Mexican government.

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions for Canadians

If you are a Canadian, you must know that there are travel restrictions in practice. Canada is discouraging people from visiting other countries. The government has already advised its citizens to avoid any unnecessary depart from Canada.

Many countries have imposed travel restrictions for entrance, so going out of Canada may be risky. You will be kept in quarantine for 2 weeks or may even denial entrance into the country. So, traveling outside of Canada for citizens is risky.

The other reason is that entrance policies are changing rapidly. No one knows when Canada will ban the entrance of visitors from any specific country. In this case, it will become very difficult for you as you won’t be allowed to enter Canada.

The state website shows several warnings for people who plan to leave Canada. Your trip may become longer than you planned, and you may even be denied your health care if you are a COVID suspect. You must also follow health guidelines from other countries, and they may even put you in quarantine.

Mexico Covid 19 Travel Restrictions

Many people visit Mexico and its famous medical cities every year for quality and affordable health facilities. However, the number reduced when international travel was restricted earlier in 2020.

The Mexican government requires you to submit your COVID negative report before you are coming to the country. The final report must come negative and be 3 days older or earlier. If you are sick, show COVID symptoms, or the report comes positive, then you are not allowed to enter Mexico.

Final Thoughts

While there is a lot of border movement between Mexico and Canada, it has restricted within the last 12 months. The Canadian government has already issued a travel advisory to different parts of Mexico due to the high rate of violence and crimes.

With the spread of COVID, the list is just increasing. We think that Mexico is still a good option for medical tourism. If you think that you need health facilities and want to save money, then Mexico is a good option. Just make sure to follow basic COVID guidelines before you plan your trip.