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Face Lift, Texas, EE.UU

I would like to thank you Anna Lopez for all that you did for me while I was in beautiful Cancun for 12 days getting a full facelift with My Medical Vacations.  

Anna is very professional, a great personality and in another life i think she was a New York Taxi driver – she is awesome!   I had a lot of fun getting to know her over the trip and she was with me every day, for every appointment, pre op, post op and more.   

A great Ambassador of Cancun full of local information and 100% nurse / caretaker.  Anna made sure that I got everything needed for a successful medical vacation.   I was very happy that I could always text, call her with questions, concerns, or help with translation.   

Anna made the experience a lot easier than it could have been by figuratively holding my hand through the whole process.   No matter how tough you are, this type of surgery can cause anybody some anxiety and second thoughts, Anna was there for me.   My biggest fear was I thought I would be in pain after the facial rejuvenation surgery…I had NO PAIN.  I had some discomfort but NEVER any pain, I took no pain pills and i was up and getting around 48 hrs.’ after the procedure.  

The overall 12 day experience was a lot of fun and I am very happy with my results.