Fast Recovery with Diamond Rhinoplasty

When it comes to a nose job, a myriad of questions starts revolving around the head. Will it be easy? What does it require? What’s the procedure? Is that painful like a surgery? and what about the recovery – Slow or Faster? We understand, getting a nose job is hectic and painful at the same time. But before nodding for any random procedure give it a thought. Diamond Rhinoplasty is one of the latest techniques of getting the nose shape done and is certainly the most advanced with more benefits and fewer side effects. For sure, the best procedure for those who are freaked by the traditional scissor procedures, don’t fret anymore here’s something you and your nose would love to opt with. 

What’s the Diamond Rhinoplasty and the Procedure?

For those who are unaware of what the heck is how it is being done, let us explain. Among a wide number of options, this one is the newest technique, also termed as Piezo Technique, and Ultrasonic Rhino-sculpture. It is being used worldwide to sculpt the nasal bone precisely.

Ultrasonic waves – almost every single of us know them, for years, these are being used to cure various medical problems – obesity, skin issues, imaging, detection of invisible flaw reside inside the body and others.

And now for a nose job too!

It is the open procedure for the enhanced visualization for an expert. This is being done extremely carefully. An expert makes a slight incision beneath the nasal tip, flap is open. Nose cartilage is shaved, and raised backward slightly. Expert uses a tool that emits Ultrasonic waves to fix the shape precisely by removing and adjusting the bone of the nasal cavity. The flap is fixed back when the procedure is done accurately. Now here comes an external shaping of the nose. You might experience bruising, swelling, and redness for some days after the surgery.

Recovery from Diamond Rhinoplasty

This is the most advanced procedure ever in all the terms – in recovery as well. This comparatively takes less time than the traditional one. Immediately after the surgery, avoid effortful physical activities, looking downward, bathing, avoid Facial tension, fast breathing, doing household chores, and you’d certainly have to take at least 1 week off from the work. It also requires great care while you sit, walk, work, especially during sleeping, sleep in the elevated state with head raised, and avoid touching nose. For the initial weeks get under the sun to relax the facial muscles.

The complete recovery with no scar, pain, bruises, swelling, and redness would hardly require 48 days only but this comes with great care.

Are you the Right Candidate?

If you require a nose job, you are 18+, mentally and physically healthier, not suffering from hemophilia, do not smoke and drink, then you are eligible to undergo the procedure.

Dimond Rhinoplasty comes with a lot of advantages than any nose procedure could offer. If you need to enhance the appearance of your nose – go for it!