The Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World

The Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World

When it comes to the medical tourism industry, you will find that the primary factor of most foreign countries that are offering medical tourism services is the attractiveness of the location. However, that is not the overriding factor, since the quality of healthcare and medical services is also important. The beauty and attractiveness of the hospital also plays a part in whether a patient will choose to get treatment in that particular hospital.

Experts suggest that patients will start feeling better much quickly if they are treated in a hospital that is beautiful, which is due to the fact that the surrounding environment is highly essential for the recovery of a patient. Therefore, it is in fact suggested that if the hospital is beautiful and it has a relaxing and peaceful environment, the patient will heal at a faster rate and will recover much more rapidly as well.

After learning that the attractiveness of a hospital is important to patients, we decided to review hospitals all around the world to find out, which hospital in fact is the most beautiful in the world. After completing our research, we were able to reach the following conclusion. Some people may not agree with this list, but still, here are the top 10 most beautiful hospitals in the world:

  1. Sharp Memorial Hospital – San Diego, CA, USA
  2. Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital – Bloomfield, MI, USA
  3. Matilda International Hospital – Hong Kong, China
  4. Florida Hospital Waterman – Tavares, FL, USA
  5. The City Hospital – Dubai, UAE
  6. UPMC Hamot Women’s Hospital – Erie, PA, USA
  7. Bumrungrad International Hospital – Bangkok, Thailand
  8. Rose Dominican Hospitals, Siena Campus – Las Vegas, NV, USA
  9. The London Clinic – London, England, United Kingdom
  10. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA, USA

The entire list was compiled after reviewing the interior and exterior features of each of the hospitals and whether it was successful in their health-promoting qualities. The design and infrastructure of the hospitals were also considered and therefore, resulted in helping us form this list of the most beautiful hospitals in the world today.

You will find that most of these hospitals are in fact in the United States, but there are a lot of good hospitals in foreign countries that provide services, which are just as good. The attractiveness of a hospital does play a part in helping the patient recover better from surgery, but that is not the only that medical tourists should consider. The type of medical services offered and the quality and skill of the doctors and surgeons available at the hospital should be considered as well.

People are different and have different tastes, so they will consider beauty and attractiveness from their own point of view. There are lots of hospitals in the world, and if you are travelling for medical tourism, it is a wise idea to check out the facilities as well as the design and infrastructure of the hospital. It may just help you identify the best medical facility and ensure better recovery after surgery for you.

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