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Full Face Lift + Breast Lift with Implants Replacement from Kathryn Wickham

The team that were at my beckoning right from my arrival in Cancun, to my departure; Andres, who set up my two surgeries, accommodations, Betty, who answered all my questions, concerns, picked me up and took me to appointments, was in constant contact making sure I was doing well, Anna, my nurse who dedicated herself to my care 24/7- just a phone call or text away! These people were professional, efficient, caring, friendly, informative, and supportive. I would recommend My Medical Vacations in a heartbeat A++++. Anna, my nurse even gave me and my boyfriend a ride to the ferry and to a restaurant. Such great service.

Dr. Valdez and his team; the hospital, were all so helpful, friendly, happy people to have around you, especially because its stressful having surgery and these wonderful people make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Dr. Valdez was really informative about the surgical procedures in an easy to understand way. He is very approachable, has a fantastic bedside manner. I had 2 surgeries, a facelift and a breast lift with implants. Both surgeries went really well, no complications and within 9 days I was well and my way completely healed. I did not have to wait very long to see him at his office in Cancun for any of the following appointments after surgery.

All of these people I met at La Quinta Hotel were great caring, professional employees. The room was very adequate + clean + the food exceptional.

Overall this was a very positive experience, I would definitely book with them again for any surgical, dental or other services again.

Kathryn Wickham

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