Jonh Hair Transplant Testimonial

Hair Transplant Testimonial

Dearest MMV staff,

I am John Kolb from Fort Worth, TX.

My girlfriend and I came to Cancún on My Medical Vacations experience. The entire staff: Andres, Keera and Christina made our visit such a wonderful time. We were driven everywhere we wanted to go. The day of the hair transplant was as expected.


We took breaks during the day to move about, eat lunch in the facilities and had ice cream in the afternoon. Again, the staff was so caring, personal and professional. We would highly recommend MMV.

Their personal touch was far beyond great. We felt a sense of family J! At the beginning I was afraid but it quickly went away as the staff was very nurturing and kind.

The doctor was great too.

John Kolb/Deanna Sigfried

Hair Transplant Testimonial

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