Beauty is everyone’s right. Gorgeous face with bombshell figure provides you high self-esteem and confidence, so if you are planning for the plastic surgery, you go girl!

Only thinking about plastic surgery is not enough, you need to have proper information of the procedure and cost. The decision of choosing the right place for your surgery is the most crucial and confusing but don’t panic. You are at the right place, let us dive into it.

Plastic surgery :

Plastic surgery is the surgery performed for the rebuilding and modification of different human body parts. Plastic surgery is commonly done for following reasons:

  • For reconstruction
  • For aesthetic reasons

In the following article, we are going to discuss cosmetologically surgery which is done for aesthetic reasons. It is done to improve a person’s appearance. It comprises different procedures, which will be discussed later in this article.

Plastic surgery produces dramatic effects on a person physically as well as emotionally. The psychological impact of surgery is far more important and long lasting than that of physical ones, that’s why it is very addictive,


There are many procedures in plastic surgery so it can be confusing for a normal person. The procedure is decided according to the area of concern. There is a specific surgery for every body part. Following are the most popular plastic surgery procedures:

  1. Abdominoplasty:

It is called tummy tuck in common language. It is reshaping and firming of abdomen

  1. Mammoplasty:

In common language, it is called breast lift. It is the enhancement of breast by using fat graft or silicone implants

  1. Buttock augmentation:

Butt lift is common name for this process. In this procedure the fat graft of silicone implants are used to enhance the buttocks.

  1. Body contouring:

           The excess fat or loose skin is removed from the whole body. It is mostly done for those who has lost a massive amount of weight.

  1. Liposuction:

Liposuction is removal of excess fat from different parts of the body.

  1. Cheek augmentation:

It is also called cheek lift. Cheeks implants are used in this process.

  1. Rhinoplasty:

It is the procedure done to reshape the nose and make it more pointed.

Risks :

Fails in cosmetic surgery can cause damage to the organs, blood vessels and nerves. The implants used in the procedures may burst leading to the complication. Cosmetic surgery is a delicate procedure so always choose a professional to do it.


Cost plays a decisive role in choosing location for plastic surgery. Most of the people want to have budget friendly and professional surgery. Most of the people opt for Mexico for budget friendly surgery. Robles said that, “it all comes to finances. At the end of the day, the patient goes to Mexico because it’s less expensive”. The average cost of rhinoplasty in the USA is from 4000$ to 16000$ depending upon the procedure chosen, on the other hand the cost of the same process in Cancun (Mexico) is from 2900$ to 7000$ depending upon the chosen procedure.

Benefits of getting your surgery done from Cancun:

 If you want budget friendly surgery with high standards then Cancun is for you. There are massive benefits of getting your surgery done in Cancun.

  • Highly qualified dermatologists and cosmetologists are available in Mexico. They are skilled dermatologists. Their success ratio is very high.
  • The staff of tourism hospitals aim to provide best services to the foreigners. They are english spoken so you will not have any difficulty in communication.
  • Top-notch techniques are used.
  • Mexico is known for the budget friendly procedures. The hospitals in Cancun provide economical packages as compared to the other foreign hospitals
  • Theri hospitals are well connected with airports.
  • Some hospitals also provide transport services to the hospitals
  • Short flights for medical tourism

Who to go for plastic surgery in Mexico:

Convenient Options:

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