Testimonial - Tummy tuck and Lipo - Alaska

Testimonial – Tummy tuck and Lipo – Alaska

My experience with Christina was absolutely wonderful. She came by the room every day after my surgery to take care of me, everything from changing tubes, helping me shower and getting me dressed. She’s a very caring and genuine person and after a couple days we were sharing pictures of our children and chatting about different things. I consider myself very lucky to have had her for my nurse. Everyone is Alaska will get to hear my wonderful experience in Cancun. My Medical Vacations should be very proud to call Christina an employee. She is truly an asset to the company and definitely an asset for all of her patients.

Thank you very much for your loving care

Ulli Ward.




We want to thank you so much for organizing our trip to Cancun and setting everything up for us. I can’t imagine having to do this on my own. There’s so much planning and organizing to pull it all together.

You were awesome from the first contact I had with you. There were never any worries about you not answering questions or emails. That alone reduced my original anxiety a lot.

You and everyone else who works for My Medical Vacations are amazing, caring people who definitely take the extra step to make patients feel welcome. i.e Letting us use the DVD player.

I could probably go on and on but I think you get the picture

Again, thank you so much for everything. It is greatly appreciated.

Take Care- Ulli and Dennis Ward

Testimonial Tummy tuck and Lipo.

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  1. Ulrike Ward

    I want to be sure that Christine is also mentioned as one of the wonderful people who took such good care of myself and my husband. Whenever we needed anything or had any questions I would shoot her a message on ‘whatsapp’ and it never took more than 5 minutes for her to reply and take care of whatever it was we needed. She took us to all of our appointments and even to the grocery store to get snacks and water for the hotel room. When I was laid up in bed after my tummy tuck and lipo, she took my husband to a wonderful little taco place to get dinner for us. I told her she reminds me of a little road runner….always zipping from one place to another, morning till night! Every one of my friends in Alaska thought I had lost my mind traveling to Mexico to get this procedure done. I told them all that I got a very good feeling after the very first email I received from Keera who set everything up for me. I was not wrong at all….besides the cost (appr. 20K in alaksa vs. $6000 in mexico) I am amazed how smoothly everything went and how amazing all of these guys are. A big thank you goes to Andres as well for letting us borrow his DVD player. It would’ve been a lot of boring TV watching without it 🙂 Last but not least, the man who made it all happen for me, Dr. Carmona. A thousands thanks to him as well, he’s certainly a professional in his field and because of him I actually want to look in the mirror again. You guys are all wonderful 🙂

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