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5 Dont’s to Follow When Recovering From Tummy Tuck-in Surgery

Abdominoplasty, popularly known as a tummy tuck-in, is the most common cosmetic procedure that people fancy nowadays. Not only the surgery removes excess skin and targets abdominal muscles but also helps in getting rid of excess fat. Often patients are presented with the list of do’s and don’ts by surgeons before undergoing surgery. But, what about the post-surgery instructions that would help you in faster recovery?

Aftercare is extremely important when you’ve gone through any major surgical procedures like a tummy tuck. For better recovery, we’ve shared some don’ts that you must avoid after abdominoplasty surgery. 

Spending too much time under the Sun

It’s normal to crave for the sun’s warmth after surgery. Unfortunately, exposure to sun rays is not good for you. Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. As direct exposure will only worsen your surgical scars. Keep your incision protected if you want it to get healed to point to go unnoticed. 

Not putting halt to smoking

Saying goodbye to nicotine is vital if you want speedy recovery post-surgery. Nicotine interferes with proper blood flow, which ultimately, slows down the healing. Since you’ve taken a big step towards changing your appearance, don’t let the hard work go in vain, because of smoking. 

Staying in bed all day long

You might be advised to take rest for a smooth recovery but that doesn’t mean you need to be bedridden. For proper blood flow, it is essential to move around. This helps in escalating the healing procedure. Only one thing, you’ve to keep in mind, don’t overdo walking or movements.

Not putting a limitation to alcohol intake

The combination of alcohol consumption and pain medication isn’t good. Alcoholic beverages often reduce the effect of medicines. If you want to get back to alcohol, the least you can do is wait till you’re done with your medications. Even after that avoid heavy consumption, and keep the limit to a couple of drinks only. 

Heavy lifting

We are not talking about lifting gym equipment here. It is understandable, the surgery kept you away for your child or pet, but lifting anything heavier will only result in complications. Refrain from doing any work that requires heavy lifting for at least six weeks.

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