Myths about Medical Tourism

Myths about Medical Tourism

There are quite a lot of myths about medical tourism that dissuade people from travelling to foreign countries in search of better surgical expertise and groundbreaking medical treatments. Therefore, we have decided to highlight some infamous myths about medical tourism today, and here are some of the most popular ones:

Western Doctors are better

The most common myth perhaps about medical tourism is that doctors in the West are generally better than any other doctors in the entire world. This is a myth that is rounded about in the medical tourism industry, in the hopes of enticing people to travel abroad in search of better medical facilities. While the case is true in most developing countries, it is certainly not the case in every country. Just because you can afford private medical aid in the United States, doesn’t guarantee that you will get the best medical service, which is why you shouldn’t consider this aspect when applying for medical tourism.

All Doctors are the same

This is another strange myth that has crept into the medical tourism industry. All doctors are definitely not the same, since there are specialists in every single field, who possess a certain skill and blessed with talent over their other peers in the industry. In order to find the best medical doctor in the industry, you need to do your research and find the right doctor in order to get the best medical treatment.

Foreign Medical Professionals are not Well Trained

There is a misconception that foreign doctors have inferior training as compared to Western doctors. This myth is wrong on a lot of levels, because in different countries and cultures, there are different practices and different types of doctors. They may have separate methods of training and different philosophies, which may in fact be superior. There are a lot of doctors that have travelled all over the world and have acquired training in foreign countries and they are considered to be the leaders in their own specific specialty around the world.

Foreign Hospitals and Practitioners don’t have the Necessary Equipment

Another great myth is that doctors and hospitals abroad don’t have the complete equipment that is required to perform major surgeries. It is true that the hospitals in some of the developing countries may not have expensive lobbies and waiting rooms, but they do have Western technology and all the latest tools and equipment that are required to perform any type of surgery. In fact hospitals in Mexico, India, Burma and even North Korea have got high quality equipment that is better than the equipments used in the Western world.

Materials Used are of Lower Quality

This is another myth that needs to be debunked, since there is no such thing as low quality material being used for surgical and medical procedures abroad. Just because the price of the medical services is lower than the medical services in the Western world, doesn’t necessarily mean that the materials and equipment used are of low quality.

Some of the equipments and materials used are of the highest quality, which hasn’t even made it to the Western world yet.

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