Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover in Cancun Mexico

After giving birth, many women feel that their bodies don’t reflect the active and healthy lifestyles they share with their families. The Mommy Makeover is characterized as a set of procedures that focus on solving post-pregnancy body issues in one surgical time.

It is a personalized method for restoring a woman’s body after having a child.

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Mexico has in recent years come into its own as a global healthcare hub, offering patients an array of specialties and procedures. Mexico is a popular destination for many medical tourists due to the quality of care and the wide variety of operations suggested by the Mexican hospitals.

Medical Tourism in Mexico has become a popular trend for many years.

Dental crowns

Medical tourism for dental crowns in Cancun – A worthy choice

Have you lost a tooth or a piece of the tooth which you want to get replaced? There are multiple treatments that you can go through. Among them, the dental crown is a great option for having your tooth fixed.

Dental crowns are a fixed prosthetic device cemented onto existing teeth. They prove efficient in covering a damaged tooth or an implant while improving a tooth’s appearance,

Cosmetic surgeries medical tourism mexico

Cosmetic surgeries made easier with medical tourism in Mexico

Imagine how incredible it would be if we could retain our youthfulness for an exceptionally long period of time without dealing with fine lines, jowls and wrinkles.

In spite of the promising claims of all sunscreens, beauty lotions, anti-aging creams and fat removal products, our body undergoes several changes with time which cause a dip in its aesthetic appeal.

Orthopedics Medical Tourism Cancun

Orthopedics and Medical Tourism in Cancun

Are you considering a medical travel and an orthopedic procedure? Medical tourism is the act of seeking out low-cost first-class healthcare outside one’s; home country, often while recuperating in beautiful surrounding, like Cancun.

Since Cancun was built specially to attract tourists, medical tourism is a major industry. Medical tourism in Cancun has provided an avenue for tourists fed up with the high costs of healthcare services to travel cross-border and visit exotic destinations to reduce medical costs and wait times.

Full Face Lift + Breast Lift & Full Face Lift

Full Face Lift + Breast Lift and Full Face Lift

“…We were very pleased with the wonderful service they provided. Dr. Valdez was amazing…”

We recently had some plastic surgery done with the help of My Medical Vacations. We were very pleased with the wonderful service they provided. Dr. Valdez was amazing, we have had surgery before and we felt more comfortable with him and equally pleasure with the results.

Facelift surgery in Cancun

Cost of Facelift in Cancún, Mexico

Are you ready to make a change in your appearance? Cancún, a leading destination of medical tourism in Mexico, has announced the availability of discounted cosmetic procedures.

The cost of facelift in Mexico brings great financial advantages. Facelift Cancún surgery in Mexico are much more economical than any plastic surgery in the United States or Canada,

Plastic Surgerons México

Plastic Surgerons México, Let us introduce you to the Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico

Plastic Surgerons México, Planning to get your appearance enhanced? Considering plastic surgery to improve your looks? If that’s the case, know that the benefits of plastic surgery are multifold. This popular procedure can help you accomplish the desired mien without any hassle, however, if only you get plastic surgery done by experts in the field. [...]
Merida: Seniors Expats Favorite City in Mexico

Merida: Seniors Expats Favorite City in Mexico

Mexico is a vast, astonishingly diverse country that proffers long coasts, mountains and majestic cities. There are also Mayan falls, jungle, tropical rain forest, lakes and rivers. You could say that people have chosen this country as the best place in the world to live outside the U.S. in the way that actually counts. While [...]