MiniFace lift + Bichat bag removal and Breast Augmentation from Alberta, Canada

Thank you  Andres for your help and your wisdom in trying for me to get my buccal fat removal.  It has made me sooooo very happy.  I will be praying …. Wisdom for you as you lead the way for My Medical Vacations.  With all your busyness you are a great success already.  You are very professional and your hard work will pay off.

Thank you Katie for being such a great contact for My Medical Vacations, so professional!! You cares about all the things that I emailed you about.  You are the reason I came down to Cancun.  You are a major asset to MMV.

Christine, thank you for being so sweet.  Your calm and willing nature keep the patients calm too.  You are so easy to talk to, unassuming and non-judgmental.  That’s all is so helpful, great driver too =)

A Big thank you to Nurse Christina for all you did for us after surgery at the hotel.  The knowledge about surgeries, recovery and meds is huge.  You helped me and Laura keep calm about pain and helped us by going to the pharmacy.  Coaxed us to do what we needed to go and helping us shower after surgery.

The surgeon brings a lot of skill and knowledge to the patients through his surgery.

Thank you to Dr Guzman for granting me my wish.  Also you explained so much to me and to Laura.  You were clean and precise with the procedures and follow up.  This kind caring communication brought a lot of needed comfort.  I so wish you great success and I will keep in touch with pictures of my cheeks.

Laura and Diana

Testimonial MiniFace lift + Bichat bag removal and Breast Augmentation


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