Mommy Makeover with BBL testimonial from Alberta Canada

“…I am so happy with the results of the surgery and will recommend My Medical Vacations to anyone…”  

Name: Angela

Procedure: TT
+ Max Lipo+ BZ+BI+BL

My experience with Dr. Arturo Valdéz and My
Medical Vacations has been a great experience. I was greeted with immediate
reassurance and answers to question I hadn’t asked yet.

Mommy Makeover Testimonial from Las Vegas Nevada, USA

My experience here in Cancun was absolutely amazing! Ana, my nurse, took care of all my daily cares.

Betty,my concierge, welcomed me and made sure all my necessary documents were in order and assisted me with the whole process.

Andres, my initial contact got me all set up with information on how to get a passport on such short notice.

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover in Cancun Mexico

After giving birth, many women feel that their bodies don’t reflect the active and healthy lifestyles they share with their families. The Mommy Makeover is characterized as a set of procedures that focus on solving post-pregnancy body issues in one surgical time.

It is a personalized method for restoring a woman’s body after having a child.

Mommy Makeover In Mexico

Mommy Makeover Price In Mexico

Are you planning to get a mommy makeover in Mexico in order to have your pre-pregnancy body back in one session? Being a mom is great, but pregnancy takes its toll on your body. The mommy makeover is a personalized package composed of multiple plastic cosmetic surgery procedures designed to restore the different body parts that have the most change when giving birth to child.


Estoy RN quirúrgica en los EE.UU., que quería tener un enhacement mama, abdominoplastia, levantamiento Bult brasileño.

Hice mi tarea durante dos años y yo no estaba convencido, el trabajo de algún médico era terrible.

y el trabajo de algún médico era hermoso, pero no podía permitirse no sus precios hasta que encontré mi médico Vacaciones en México Cancún.