Full Abdominoplasty Testimonial

Full Abdominoplasty Testimonial

Dear Sirs,                                                                                                                                                         June 2013

I feel compelled to recommend working with Andres Jurado, for any medical tourism needs, as he took such great care of me! I travelled to Cancun to have a tummy tuck. I was so apprehensive about leaving the country for medical care. I was concerned about language barriers, security, medical complications, sanitation and travelling with teenagers!

After having three high-risk pregnancies, I was left with the most horrible stretch marks I had ever seen! I was embarrassed to wear a bikini, or have anyone see my stomach! I wasn’t overweight, but the skin was ripped and stretched. No amount of Zumba was going to change that! As a single mother, I felt like I would never have the confidence that I one had in my body. I needed a body transformation.

I began looking at getting a tummy tuck. Due to the extensive stretch marks, it was necessary to do a full abdominoplasty. As a teacher, my salary takes care of basic needs, but it certainly was cost prohibitive to undergo a full tummy tuck! For years I looked at prices and was disappointed that as much as I had saved would never be enough to cover the rising cost of health care.

I did a lot of research about the safety of different medical tourism cities. I also looked at the beaches, activities, and history of those areas. I contacted a number of clinics, where I finally felt comfortable under the direction of Andres. He discussed the care options in Cancun, how and where my surgery would take place, and addressed my many concerns.

I did a lot of research about travelling for this trip. The State Department offers information on travelling to almost anywhere. The Southern portion of Mexico is very safe. I was very pleased with the safety and felt it was much safer than some cities in the United States! Travelling by local buses is convenient, safe, and extremely affordable!

Andres not only met me at the airport, but checked me into the hotel. He made sure we knew how to get around the city, find places to eat, and swim. The hotel was extremely clean and secure. He even patiently assisted my unruly teenaged son who needed some counsel!

The medical staff was amazing. They saw to my needs and were extremely attentive. The surgery went well and the recovery was much easier than I had expected. The worst part is having to wear the drain tubes after the surgery. They were an uncomfortable accessory as I wanted to travel and experience the sights of Cancun. I found that they were hidden under a sundress, which allowed me to go on excursions.

The Cancun area has the most amazing beaches in the world! There are many things to do and see. I recommend going on a water based excursion prior to surgery since you don’t want to get your stitches wet afterwards! XCaret, Xplor, Xelha, and many others will delight you with great food and experiences so plan accordingly! Count on a few low key days post op, but then start looking at some low impact things like Captain Hooks Lobster Dinner Cruise! There are boat excursions which take you to nearby islands for bird sanctuaries, and sightseeing. There are many archeological sights which are easy to access as well.

I hope that you find your vacation to be as rewarding as I did! It’s time for this bikini body to go out to the pool, so I bid you farewell.


Cindy Robertson

Full Abdominoplasty Testimonial

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