Testimonial Macs Lift Male Patient from Arizona, USA

Testimonial Macs Lift Male Patient from Arizona, USA

January 29th, 2015

I came to Cancun from USA  for a MACS, máximum face lift. OH My! How I wondered if I made the right choice! Foreign land, unknown surgeon. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? I did my best to research everything, including speaking with prior patients. I went ahead and SO GLAD I DID! It has now been 8 days post op and I am VERY pleased. I expect in a couple of months I will be even more pleased.

The surgeon is excellent, skilled and with an artist´s conception of the final result.

Services provided by his supporting staff was excellent. I REALLY NEEDED assistance of people to translate for me. Had it not been for the support staff- CHRISTINE, CRISTINA AND KATIE –  to translate and support me – I would never have done this.  Their support was ESSENTIAL to my entire experience.

The surgeon has proven to be an artista who`s médium is surgery. I look 20 years younger – REALLY!! Yet Natural… Come back again? NO, I DONT NEED TO! Now, Recommend? OH YES!! Anyone in doubt…

I understand your fears and concerns (i´ve been there) GLAD to speak to  you in person and answer your

Questions 928-460-3150

USA, Steven

Testimonial Macs Lift


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