Lindsey y Chadwick Breithaupt

Breast implants + Chin implant Colorado, USA

My experience with My Medical Vacations was amazing; we traveled from Colorado to get breast implants for my wife. From the very beginning, Anna and the whole team were very attentive and helpful. We were on time for all of my wife’s appointments and Anna even took us to the best places for dinner and picked us up after to go home.

cosmetic surgery in mexico

Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico 2021

Cosmetic surgery is one of the unique medical procedures which are focused on enhancing appearance through surgical procedures. Cosmetic surgeries are of various types and it can be done in almost all parts of the body. Neck, face, abdominal, or even at limbs, cosmetic surgeries can be done in less painful ways. 

How Cosmetic surgery is done?


Arm lift + Breast Implants, Vancouver Canada

The Idea of pursuing plastic surgery can be a scary one even in one’s own country let alone going to another country. During our research, my husband and I explored many options. When we decide Mexico, we got many “concerned” remarks from well-meaning friends and family. There is stigma attached to plastic surgery and getting done in Mexico.